Call for Abstract

    This conference will set the agenda for mainstreaming inclusivity, diversity and equality (IED) into all spheres of human interaction and development including the public and private healthcare and education sectors

    Tracks for Abstract Submission

    • Inclusion for the sustainability of nations
    • ONotological foundation of inclusivity
    • Virtue ethics and inclusivity
    • Inclusivity and traditional medicine
    • Communication for development
    • Behavioural change communication
    • Literacy, ICT, financial inclusion and development
    • Inter and intra-generational relationships.
    • Gender and sexual minorities
    • IED, adolescents and young people
    • Religion, culture, equality and diversity
    • Patriarchy and reproductive health
    • Sexual behaviour and needs
    • Inclusivity and vulnerable population
    • Policy for IED in Schools
    • Stakeholders and the practice of IED
    • Inclusive healthcare
    • Law, human rights and IED
    • Business inclusivity and diversity

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